Kids Activities

Spring Activities

We conduct good activities during spring every year. We have Spring Olympics for kids. We conduct a FOOD DRIVE and encourage our kids to go with their parents and shop or collect some non-perishable, canned food for the Tri-State Food Bank.

Summer Activities

During summer we conduct lot of programs for kids, they are : Summer camp for kids. Summer program, which is a 4-week program for kids. We teach kids Islamic studies and Quran. We have sleep-over for youth. Youth gather at isha prayer and leave the masjid after fajar. Summer picnic every year is just a good time out for kids with their friends.

Fall Activities

We have Fall Festival in fall. We invite people from all different faiths to come and enjoy our hospitality. We have a variety of food and different cultural presentations. We conduct tours of the Masjid for people who want to see the Masjid. Profits from the food festival gets contributed to the Tri-State Food Bank. We have Jeopardy for kids. The winner's name is reflected on the web site to encourage our kids to actively participate in the game.

Winter Activities

During winter we have limited activity. We usually do some short programs for kids, depending on the weather.

Year Round Activities

Year Round Activities